Terme Beach Resort’s location is perfect both for sport fans and for nature lovers. Only few kilometers from Terme Beach Resort it is possible to visit Natural Parks and wildlife preserves with or without a guide.

The Delta Po Park is a natural reserve and covers part of Emilia Romagna and Veneto region. It is known for the flora and the fauna typical of the territory. More than 300 kinds of birds they are visible in this Park and it is in fact very frequented by the birdwatchers.

The Comacchio Valleys are located into the Delta Po Park. The landscape and particularly the sunset are unforgettable and it is possible to organize excursions afoot or in boat inside the Park.

Cervia Salt Pan is in the Southern of Delta Po Park. It is world wide know for its elevated naturalistic and landscape value and also for the healthy products (cervia salt). Since 1979 it is besides Natural Reserve of the State of animal population. Among the salt pansi t is possible to sight rare animals as pink flamingos. It is also possible to visit the salt pan with a run afoot or by boat along the canals. The Cervia Salt Pan is surely an heaven for birdwatchers anf photographers.